Thursday, July 3, 2008

P.J. Ride

Well, we tried a PJ Ride tonight! It was really fun. We put the boys to bed early--about 6:45. Then, about five minutes later, my husband and I ran through their hall hollering and shaking their toy musical tamborine and maracas. We said we were taking a "PJ Ride". We piled into the car and headed to Baskin-Robbins where we had ice cream cones. It was so fun, and B loved it especially. A sweet memory--I look forward to many more!

Costume Pageant Part II

Here are more of B's costumes....if you missed the first edition, lookie here.

The Football Player--a Dallas Cowboy mixed with an SMU Mustang

The Pilot

The "Army Guy"

And...The "Old-Timey Boy"
He and his daddy watched an episode of Andy Griffith which inspired the hat and our sweet neighbor painted the walking stick for him. I guess the "old-timey" part is because Andy Griffith is in black and white and those boys had on those hats..I'm trying to synch w/ his line of thinking!

That's all for today!