Tuesday, June 17, 2008

At Least It's Pink

My baby boy has come down with pink eye...a pretty color for a goopy, contagious bugbear. Sweet little guy.

After two doses of drops, he is looking better.

I wish I didn't know what I learned at the doctor today. He walked into the examining room and had the typical exchange. The first thing he asked me when I told him I thought J had pink eye was if we had been swimming. I thought that was a question he would ask with a sore ear, but pink eye? As he looked in J's eyes and confirmed my diagnosis, he proceeded to tell me how easy it is to get things like pink eye in pools. He said that pools are very dirty--that even lakes are cleaner than pools. Pools are stagnant and everyone's bacteria and whatever else is all just trapped in that little body of water.

The kind man just didn't know the weight he just placed on my shoulders. I will never forget that, and now I'm burdening you with this awful knowledge. I was happy in my little world where pools had chlorine..that made them clean..so, I must be clean when I get out of one. My children don't necessarily have to take a bath at night when they've just gotten out of the pool...I mean, it's good to rinse that chlorine off, but their bodies aren't covered with foreign bacteria!

That was my naive thinking yesterday. Not anymore--today is a new day. I'll just think about helping my little guy get rid of his pink eyes. Pink is a nice color.