Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A Little Teary Today

I'm a little sad today. B is now five and going to school this year. These years with him at home have been so precious; I'm really going to miss him. Even though he'll only be gone two days a week, that sweet little chunk of life is coming to a close. I have loved having him at home for five years. I have loved not having to rush him out the door every morning. I have loved having days where we stayed in our jammies all morning and read books. I've loved having every day to explore, discover, and play with him. I'm sad to have to hand over those days. He is so much fun. His world is getting ready to expand. He is getting ready to have a teacher that he will love and adore and hang on her every word. That is good--that is hard. He is going to kindergarten, and his world will be bigger than home, mommy, daddy, and little brother...that is good..that is hard. I'm a little teary today, but I know that the next stage will be even more fun than's just been such a sweet five years and it's hard to say good-bye to the special perks of those.