Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A Hard Day's Night/Evening

Hello, out there! Here's a quick little bit about myself. I'm a thirty-something stay at home mommy who is happily married to my first and only love. He is hilarious and makes every day fun. We have two little boys that light up our world. We prayed for those babies a long time and are so incredibly thankful for them. I spent nine years teaching elementary school before I became a mother. I absolutely loved being a teacher, and I miss that creative outlet. However, I like to believe that a few things I learned in the teaching world come in handy in my day to day life.

One of my favorite things is swapping ideas with friends. I love to read blogs! I get so many great ideas from my daily reads. Here, in an attempt to give back, I'm going to share thoughts, ideas, recipes, and who knows what else. So, here goes....

Some days are long! Some days just seem to have a lot of hours to use and segments to kill. With the start of summer, we've been having a few of those kind of days. By 5:30 in the afternoon, when the Texas heat and mosquitoes make the outdoors unappealing, when dinner is hopefully in the works, when my husband has yet to be seen, and when television time is used up, Mommy has to pull something out of the hat. So, out comes the box of musical instruments, out come some old scarves (that I never wear but don't have the heart to throw away), and on comes the music. We all grab an instrument..or two...and we have a big old hoedown! I get a little exercise, the children let out some pent up energy, and we all march around the house banging tamborines, jingling bells, banging music sticks (I bet those have an official name), and waving scarves like a bunch of crazy people. With all of that activity, my heart rate quickens and I imagine myself actually burning calories instead of consuming them; it is such a happy time of day! If my husband happens to walk in during this jamboree, I know he thinks his wife has finally lost it! Today it struck me that if I would just move that box of instruments and scarves into the family room, they would be much more accessible for this kind of activity.

Instrument accessibility =Greater frequency = A happy way to end of the day!