Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Wisdom of a Five Year Old

B turned five years old a few weeks ago. It's so hard to believe; it's gone by so fast. He wanted to have a park ranger party...although it was a little bit difficult to execute, I think we actually did it. We celebrated at Little Gym and he came dressed in his full park ranger costume that his aunt gave him for his birthday. It was such a special day!!!

The day before his birthday we were at the car wash. There was a very nice man there who was intrigued with B--all dressed in this brand new park ranger outfit. He asked B if he was a park ranger. B answered, "Oh, yes!." Then the man asked B if he'd been to a lot of parks. B, again, answered, "Oh, yes!" Then the man asked him what parks he'd been to. B answered, "Northpark". The man looked right at me with a funny expression, and I just said, "That's my kind of park!" I guess that in these five years I have taught my impressionable young son one important truth. The BEST park is Northpark.

Note: Northpark is a wonderful shopping mall in Dallas!!