Sunday, June 22, 2008

Movie of the Weekend

On Golden Pond. We own it but haven't watched it in years; I had forgotten how great it is.

Katherine Hepburne plays the most lovely character in the movie. She loves the people around her despite their faults. I also admired her character's joyful demeanor.

Henry Fonda is hilariously grouchy; my husband and I just cracked up the whole time. The whole father-daughter relationship was sad to me. How much they've missed out on. I laughed and cried throughout the movie.

It was an especially sweet movie to watch on our anniversary because Katherine Hepburne and Henry Fonda's characters have such a sweet relationship; they adore each other. The way they depended on each other struck me, too. It was neat to see that deep abiding trust that so many years of marriage gradually built.

I'll definitely recommend this as a do-over for anyone who hasn't seen it in a long time; it's really dear.