Sunday, September 14, 2008

B's First Day of Kindergarten

Here is what the B's teacher's arrangement came out like...My friend S gave me the idea of the apples. She did green apples w/ pink gerber daisies--how cute is that!! I ended up going the red and yellow route. Here is a so-so picture of it.

Here is a picture of B on his first day of kindergarten....

I actually didn't cry at all that day. I think the all of the rah-rah excitement overshadowed any sadness. However, when I dropped him off on Thursday, I boo-hooed. We miss him when he is at school!

Cupcake Carrier Crush

A friend of mine had one of these the other day and I instantly thought--Must--Have--One. She bought hers at Swoozies, and she said they even come in pink! If I was the mother of any girls, I would go in that direction. But, instead I think I'll pick yellow. Here's one I found at It will definitely go on my Christmas Wish List.