Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I'm Back...With News!

Well...I vanished. I'm sure any reader I ever had has long since forgotten about my blog, but I thought I needed to explain myself. About eight weeks ago, to our GREAT surprise and utter delight, we found out we were expecting another baby! I've never really told about our history in this area, but let me give you a quick rundown. We had trouble getting pregnant w/ our first baby and one month before we were to begin in-vitro, we found out we were pregnant. Then, after we greeted B into the world, we had three miscarriages. A wonderful specialist finally figured out that my body thought it was immune to a baby. So, to be able to maintain a pregnancy, I would have to have gamma globulin infusions that basically would calm my immune system down so that I could keep the baby. The day I found out I was pregnant w/ J, I started my infusions--once a month for 5 months--and we welcomed J into the world nine months later. As you can probably imagine, this process was a financial commitment-although worth every penny. We had not come to the point of deciding if we would have another. It just wasn't an issue that was even on the table at that point. However, I had prayed since we had J, that if it was the Lord's will, He would give us another baby. The Lord had made me perfectly content with two, though, and I felt fine if His answer to that was a "no". I knew that if He wanted us to have another, that somehow, that would work out in good time; He had given me that peace. So, finding out we were pregnant, really was the very best surprise I've ever had. God is good--I love how he never ceases to surprise us. Anyway, I started my infusions the next day, and so far, everything is going very well. I'm 12 weeks pregnant, and am being transferred from our specialist back to my regular ob-gyn this week. So, I hope that explains my where-abouts--I've actually been laying on the couch a lot! I'm feeling much better now, thankfully! So, hi again, to any friends that might actually check this!!