Saturday, June 28, 2008

An "F" in Babysitting

We have some sweet friends who, very sadly, are moving away. Tonight, their next door neighbors threw a going away party for the block to say goodbye. I went over to their house to keep their children while they were at the party.

As they walked out the door, they told me to read to the baby for a few minutes before putting her in her crib and that the three year old was occupied and would be fine until I was finished.

You would think that I would have checked on her anyway, right? I'm a former teacher and a mom for crying out loud! But, this was an adorable girl with a cute nightgown on and a big pink bow in her hair--those kind don't get into trouble...

Fast forward eight minutes...

I come out of the baby's room to find the 3 year old saying, "Look, I colored my arms." This precious bow-head had colored her arms and her legs in black Sharpie marker--the one that they had been using to label all of their moving boxes.

I went next door to get my friend. After all, she had to see what a good job I was doing in the nine minutes since she had walked out the door! was a good photo op!

Needless to say, the little girl had another bath. After much scrubbing, that Sharpie marker can still be seen! It will look so nice with her church dress tomorrow!