Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Magazine Night

Magazine Night...basically a good excuse for girls to get together, eat, chat, and not have the monthly pressure of a book assignment. My sweet neighbor started this, and I was so glad to be included. Everyone brings an interesting article they've found in some sort of periodical. I always choose something I have learned from a blog--I mean, isn't that the most modern version of a periodical? So, I'm working on what I'll take tonight...the clock is ticking. Here's what I'm looking at.

Yesterday, Bonnie's Blog had an interesting article about toys and children's development. It is called "Ideation and The Case for Unstructured Play/Toys". She says, "Children today tend to be inundated with toys and the overwhelming quantity can squelch ideation, creativity and play." The term "ideation" was new for me. This is how Bonnie explains it. "Ideation is described as the first stage of motor planning. It is the ability to generate an idea of how one might interact with an object or the environment. The "what am I going to do?". Children with poor ideation skills generally have very limited play skills and are often dependent on adult intervention and passive pursuits (TV, Videos, computer, video games). They may wander the room briefly picking up objects, manipulate the object, but literally have no ideas how to play with it." She goes on to encourage simpler toys and access to fewer toys at one time. I found it a fascinating read.

Next, I think I'll take a few things from a new favorite blog of mine called Money Saving Mom. Today, she had a post about a site called Hippopost where you can upload a picture of your choice, they will make it into a postcard and the postage is free. Why is the whole thing free? Because there will be a small advertisement on the postcard. Sounds neat!

Another neat tip I found on Money Saving Mom was about free directory information service for your cell phone. Go check it out to read more.

The last thing I'll take is a recipe for these unbelievable tasting Mystery Rolls from The Pioneer Woman. I made these a few weeks ago for my Daddy's birthday, and they were yummy!

Unless I find anything else to take, this is it! I'll let you know what else I learn tonight.