Thursday, September 25, 2008

Birthday Banners

I love to have a special breakfast and decorate the kitchen for holidays and my boys' (including my husband's) birthdays. I have this old paper "Happy Birthday" sign that has seen better days. Today, I was in Paper Affair and saw the cutest birthday banners. I came home and looked online for them. I found them at Hullabaloo Gifts. They're made by "Groovy Holidays". They have ones for girls and boys.

Definitely a Christmas Wish List qualifier!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Weigh In On

This takes about 10 seconds:

PBS has a short video on Sarah Palin on their website. Also included is a poll that asks: "Is Sarah Palin qualified to be VP?"

I logged on a few minutes ago and 39% percent had voted YES, 60% NO.

Let's turn this around! You don't have to give your name or email address in order to vote. It's very simple.

Here's the link:

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

My Sister-In-Law's Birthday

I have two adorable sister-in-laws. Both of them are the sweetest, cutest girls and so wonderful for my brothers. One of them had her 50th birthday last week. She also happens to lead my Creative Homemakers group. Last week we had so much fun celebrating her birthday.

We all wore blonde wigs, aprons, and pearls and marched up to her door for our meeting with pink and green balloons, pink gerber daisies, and a pink and green birthday cake. We surprised her and she loved it. For her gift we compiled a list of fifty things we love about her and framed it. It was such a fun night!!

We bought this cake at Society Bakery. If you live in Dallas you have to go check it out; it's at Greenville and McCommas. Their cupcakes are the best and less expensive that Sprinkles!!!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

B's First Day of Kindergarten

Here is what the B's teacher's arrangement came out like...My friend S gave me the idea of the apples. She did green apples w/ pink gerber daisies--how cute is that!! I ended up going the red and yellow route. Here is a so-so picture of it.

Here is a picture of B on his first day of kindergarten....

I actually didn't cry at all that day. I think the all of the rah-rah excitement overshadowed any sadness. However, when I dropped him off on Thursday, I boo-hooed. We miss him when he is at school!

Cupcake Carrier Crush

A friend of mine had one of these the other day and I instantly thought--Must--Have--One. She bought hers at Swoozies, and she said they even come in pink! If I was the mother of any girls, I would go in that direction. But, instead I think I'll pick yellow. Here's one I found at It will definitely go on my Christmas Wish List.