Monday, July 14, 2008

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggety-Jig

Our vacation was fabulous!! We had such a sweet time with our boys and were able to really relax, too.

My husband loves to cook and is good at it. He cooked almost every meal while we were away--breakfast, lunch and dinner. What a great break for me! We stayed at my brother and sister-in-law's lakehouse, and they have a Green Egg--one of those fancy grills (I'm sure my husband would say that description does not do this amazing grilling/smoking/cooking apparatus justice). Anyway, my husband cooked on that thing almost every night. Steaks, smoked ribs, chickens, sausage...we had it all.

I love to watch my husband be a daddy...our boys have so much fun with him.. B is at a place where he can do so much and my husband loves that--they jet skiied, played putt-putt, went on nature hikes, rode everywhere on the golf cart, ate about a thousand of those icey pops, went swimming, and just had a blast together. It's such a treat for all of us to have Daddy with us for a whole week.

Because J and B are in such different stages, J and I were at a little bit slower pace. We joined in for swimming, boat rides, and golf cart rides, but we also spent a lot of time on some of his favorite activities--reading books, taking baths, napping, and watching the deer there.

In other news:

Today I cashed in a coupon and tried the Chick-Fil-A chicken salad sandwich. I'm a fan. It was really good. It had fresh, pretty lettuce on it. It was on toasted wheat bread. From my research...350 calories. Now...if I just had the self-control to not order fries w/ that! You must try one and tell me what you think.

Three out of the four of us have had the stomach bug within the last two weeks. Daddy first, Mommy second, Baby J next, and we're waiting for poor B. Hopefully, his little immune system will be able to stave it off. A few other people who, prayerfully, will not get it....N and B--their sweet godparents who were keeping the boys when Baby J came down with it Sunday night. Oh, how I hope they don't get it.

Time for bed!